The flowing lines from opposite corners represent divergent thoughts emerging from different directions that come together, each modifying the other and finally together they form a rhythmic wave.

RHYTHM that symbolizes synergy of forces.
This WAVE meets the black line at the bottom, which symbolizes an understanding of ground reality.
The CIRCLE represents “ PERFECTION ” of thought, idea and execution that the company strives to achieve in its relations, deeds and works.
The COLORS red and blue denote the width and divergent range of company’s activities.
The total form of the logo symbolizes ENERGY being released upwards from the ground. A symbol of positive growth and the youthful enthusiasm of this young company to venture into new areas.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and dominant rule of company policy.

WE understand that ever since man moved from caves into man made structures, the desire to own a home, to nurture it, and to embellish it has been the most persistent of mans activities.

SHELTER, besides providing security, also represents a great sense of pleasure and reflects the aspirations and achievements of a man's lifetime.

This understanding of the meta physical association of shelter with the aspirations of the owners is the strength of our company and on this solid ground are based all our interaction with our customers.

Attention to minutest detail is the philosophy of the company.


* Highly motivated and professionally qualified team of architects, engineers, and chartered accountants.
* Prime location of our projects.
* Very high level of quality consciousness & strict control to ensure quality.
* Sound financial health.
* Time bound completion of projects.
* Better value of money to customers.
* Consumer friendly orientation
* And last but not the least great attention to minutest details.


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